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MAY 15, 2023

2022 Member Survey Results

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In October 2022, MEPP conducted a member survey to collect feedback on services provided to members. A random selection of members were invited to complete the survey, and we received 673 responses.

Survey Results

A stats board showing the following: 89% quality of customer service, 82% qualify of communication and materials, and 80% administration of pension plan.

Customer Service

89% of members said they were satisfied with the level of customer service MEPP provides. 

We strive to provide the best service to Plan members. We are headquartered in Saskatchewan, which means we understand the needs of our members from across the Province.

Communications Materials

82% of members surveyed said they were satisfied with the quality of communication and materials provided by MEPP. We offer a range of communications to members, and we saw this reflected in members’ Top 5 preferred communication methods: 

  • Email 63%
  • Telephone 35%
  • Mail 32%
  • MEPP Website 25%
  • Face-to-face 8%

The top 3 referenced MEPP information resources were:

  • MEPP Matters newsletter
  • MEPP Website
  • PLANet (your online MEPP account)

Plan Administration

The 2022 results showed 80% of members are satisfied with MEPP’s plan administration, which is a slight increase from 2021. We are pleased to see this result even with 2022 being a difficult year for markets worldwide. Markets are continuing to trend upward, and we encourage members to actively monitor their fund performances through the MEPP website.

Digital Enhancements

Stats on a blue background that read 51% website improvement.

More than half of Members (51%) who recently visited the MEPP website said it had improved in the last year. We rolled out an updated website (February 2022), and are pleased to see Members have noticed improvements to its design and user friendliness.

Stats on a blue background that read 65% digitalized services and 51% paperless statements and newsletters.

65% of surveyed members said they were interested in accessing digitalized MEPP services, and 51% were interested in paperless statements and newsletters. We’re excited to hear this, as MEPP continues to encourage members to go digital to lower our environment impact and save costs.

Who responded to the survey?

A pie chart that contains the following segments: 47% active, 44% pensioner, and 9% inactive.

The close majority of responses came from Active members (47%), followed by Pensioners (44%) and Inactive members (9%).

A pie chart that contains the following segments: 63% 55+, 31% 35-54, and 7% 18-34.

Members age 55+ were the biggest age response group (63%), followed by 35-54 (31%) and 18-34 (7%).

A pie chart that contains the following segments: 45% post-retirement, 32% mid-career, 17% pre-retirement, and 7% early career.

Finally, Post-Retirement made up 45% of responses, followed by Mid-Career (32%), Pre-Retirement (17%), and Early Career (7%).